What Do Authors Have to Say About Her?

"When I think about our writing journey together, Natalie was patient, kind, and compassionate every step of the way. My daughter Erin and I thank God for bringing her on board for our newest release Prayer and Planning for the Big Day."

--Jill M. Kelly, wife of retired Buffalo Bills Quarterback and Pro Football Hall of Famer Jim Kelly and NYT best-selling author of Without a Word and Kelly Tough


“Natalie Hanemann is a skilled guide in turbulent waters. She listens to the winds, charts a course, and guides the cargo with a gentle and confident hand. She has a knack for enhancing each author’s unique voice, and will help you achieve your artistic goals in a way that suits both your personality and the demands of the marketplace. She made my work more marketable and more ‘me.’ In short, there’s no one I’d be more comfortable handing my work off to than Natalie, because I know she’ll treat it like a priceless artifact, polish it till it shines, and get it where it needs to go. She’s truly a joy to work with.” 

 --Brennan McPherson, author of Flood and Cain 


  “Natalie possesses a great understanding of story structure and has wonderful attention to detail . . . we have plugged plot holes, enriched characters, and tightened word counts. Natalie is a unique and caring individual who puts her all into making each of the novels she edits a success.”      

--Ruth Reid, author of The Miracle of Hope  



“Natalie is highly proficient at helping an author tighten his or her work to improve pacing and quality of writing. She also excels at seeing the big picture and is able to objectively pinpoint problem areas and suggest valid ways of correcting them. While Natalie is skillful at identifying areas of weakness, she is also generous in affirming an author’s areas of success.​”

--Denise Hunter, author of Driftwood Lane 

 “Writing is a taxing journey, marked not only by familiar terrain, but eerie episodes. Thus, you need a guide.  Natalie Hanemann is skilled navigator through the rigor of turning heart-cries into vulnerable, lucid speech. She does so by sparking a conversation, heartening writers to speak from their life with courage and unpredictability.  I’ve experienced few editors who match Natalie’s ability to confront writers, but in a way that elicits awareness, and not offense.  I found this skill especially relevant, as I completed a book manuscript that needed to bridge academic depth and daily praxis.  I believe a wide range of writers will find Natalie a supportive and able resource.  I recommend her highly.”  

 --Paul Mundey, Ordained Minister and Former Princeton Theological Seminary Visiting Scholar 



“[Natalie] knows story. She deftly blends craft and creative in a way that exceeds expectations. And she understands an author's heart–-how to speak the language of the writer and nurture them from first draft to finish line.”

--Allen Arnold, author of 

The Story of With


“I have brought debut authors to [Natalie] and she has molded their work into bestsellers to great acclaim and financial success. When an author works with Natalie, hard, uncompromising work is ahead but each author grows under her shepherding. Her warmth and Southern charm make her a pleasure to work with.”

--Tamela Hancock Murray, Literary Agent 



“Natalie has edited six of my books and, I can honestly say, you won’t find a more dedicated, conscientious or insightful editor. One of the things I most appreciate about Natalie is her care in preserving an author’s voice and vision for the book. She’s also quick to pinpoint a book’s strengths and weaknesses and her editorial comments always take an author’s work to the next level. In addition, she’s a delight to work with and her love of story shows in everything she does.”

--Margaret Brownley, author of 

A Lady Like Sarah

"Natalie has served as the primary editor for five of my novels, and I have extensive experience working with her in all aspects of editing and publishing. We also collaborated in developing the concepts for several of my books. Natalie provides astute insight and helpful suggestions during the substantive editing process. She has the ability to crystallize themes and offer beneficial suggestions . . . I value her opinion so much that I rarely disagree with her recommendations.  In case you can't tell, I highly recommend her!”


--Robert Whitlow, author of Jimmy and The List 



“Simply put, there is no one that I would rather have helping me with my writing and storytelling than Natalie Hanemann. The value she brings is immeasurable, and if you are fortunate to ever work with her, I am confident you will feel the same way.”

--WIlliam Sirls, author of The Reason and The Crown Lord



"I had the pleasure of working with Natalie in the development of my first book. She handled a very sensitive topic with grace, professionalism and kindness. Her editing style was just the right mix of gentle nudges and tough love. Most importantly, she made my book better, much better, than it would have been without her expertise. I'd welcome the opportunity to collaborate with her again in the future."

--Heath Shackleford, author of Desolate Heights  



“Natalie Hanemann is tops in her field. Thorough, comprehensive editing with a gentle touch. She sees the author’s vision and brings it clarity and polish. I LOVE this fine lady!”

--Carrie Stuart Parks, author of 

A Cry from the Dust



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